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12 September 2012 @ 01:25 am
Master Rec List  
Master Rec List

I love to read fanfic. I do. I think I love to read it as much as I love to write it. I have an insane amount of fics that I have read and utterly love. These are fics of all genres and couples. Some are shorts, some are novels and others are Works in Progress that may never be finished. Ratings range from G to NC17 and should be duly noted by the author. More will be added as I go through my files. If one section is larger than others ::cough::Supernatural::cough:: it's because I found gems that I felt needed to be shared. And if you have your own recs, please feel free to leave a comment. Enjoy!

* - new recs added on July 10, 2010

All My Children - Zach/Kendall

Irreplacable by Irishborn
Author's Summary: " Zach and Kendall have chosen to change their relationship... and then tragedy strikes." (AU)
Excerpt: Despite his best intentions, he had fallen in love with her – and it was both terrifying and comforting in the same moment.

Just Think About Us by Irishborn
Author's Summary: "Kendall is undecided when Zach makes an interesting proposition. Will she accept? And what does he really want from her?"

Miranda Rights by katandmoon
Author's Summary: "Kendall's world crumbles when Bianca, Erica, Jack, and Ethan disappear. She blames their disappearance on evil Zach Slater. But what if she needs Zach to help her gain custody of Miranda?" (Unfinished WIP)
Excerpt: Unlike so many other—if not all—of the men she'd known, Zach never judged her and found her wanting, never forced her into a defensive position, never stored up her mistakes to use against her. He never forced her into an unnaturally exalted position she could never live up to, either.

Seems Like Years by Emeraldax
Author's Summary: "In May 2003, Zach Slater heads to PV after hearing about Michael's arrest. While there, he meets Kendall, the woman that Michael deceived in his quest to win Alex Senior's approval." (AU)

Zen and the Art of Love by BrazenFan
Author's Summary: "A mix of some actual storyline events and my own wishful thinking. Spermgate leads to Zendall."

General Hospital - Jason/Carly

Carly's Nightmare by Crissy
Summary: Carly has a nightmare.
Excerpt: She leaned her head back on his and sighed with relief. "You'll never believe this dream I had. Scared the hell outta me . . ."

On the Run by Crissy
Summary: Jason and Carly go on the run. Literally.

Partners by Anita

The Righting Wrong Series by Sara and Angela
Summary: A series of shorts that go back and fix what GH broke. I highly recommend all of them.

General Hospital - Jerry/Alexis

Breaking the Rules by Firebabe
My notes: I wasn't watching GH when Jerry/Alexis were going on, but I caught a few bits here and there on youtube and thought they were great together. This idea would have been a perfect way to keep them together IMO and not have Jerry be so, you know, evil lol. Lot of old school GH goodness going on here. (AU)
Excerpt: Alexis unlocked the door to her lake-house and gestured Jerry inside. "Sit," she ordered pointing to her sofa. / "Will you rub my tummy if I roll over and beg too?" Jerry quipped as he sat down.

General Hospital - Logan/Lulu

Revelations by Daytime Diva
Author's Summary: "Logan and Lulu spend a summer in Port Charles dealing with secrets of the past."

Only You by Daytime Diva
Author's Summary: Sequel to Revelations. "Nothing stays perfect forever."

White Shadows by Daytime Diva
Author's Summary: What is Logan really doing in Port Charles?

Shiver by Daytime Diva
Author's Summary: Sequel to White Shadows. "Logan and Lulu on the run."

General Hospital - Patrick/Robin

Ten Things I Hate About Patrick by kimsonfan101
Summary: AU - based loosely on the movie "Ten Things I Hate About You"

The Lean by Lisa
Author's Summary: But, it was just a short, little piece of fluff that I couldn't get out of my head and I wanted to see how it would turn out
Excerpt: "No. That I like. But, the way you're getting me all hot and bothered with your sexy voice. It's just not something that should be done in the middle of a hospital. I'll have you know that I'm not going to be able to get up off this stool for the foreseeable future.", he informed her, his tongue sneaking out to rest on his lower lip, drawing her eyes. "Is this what happens when I come up behind you? Because if it is, now I know why you want me to stop. It's very distracting."

General Hospital - Ric/Alexis

A Twist on the Truth by Zandergirl

The Icarus Series by Maia
Summary: Four part series in which Alexis finds out about Ric's knowledge of Kristina's paternity and his struggle to fix the lie.

The "If Cassandra Falls" Series by Maia
Author's Summary: "After Kristina is well enough to go home, a custody battle ensued, and a compromised had to be made. For a moment, there was lull of peace, as the 'family' settled into a possible life, but it proved too soon to stop holding their breath as harsh reality awakens the sleeping tigers." (Sequel to the Icarus Series. Four part series)

The Newlywed Game Part 1 and Part 2 by Maia
Summary: Ric and Alexis find themselves playing as contestants on a game show to help raise money for the new Children's Hospital. Hilarity ensues.
Excerpt: "Jason," Alan continued ignoring his daughter and son-in-law. "What would Sam say?" Everyone waited, but Jason remained silent. "Do you need me to repeat the question." / "Of course he does," piped up Tracy's voice from the audience. "He's brain dead." / "Shut up, Tracy," Monica ordered her sister-in-law. / "Look at him! Did you honestly think he was going to speak? Alan, offer him a sign language interpreter!"
My Note: Need to be a member of the board

Silk and Lace by Maia
Author's Summary: " Fantastical fantasies in a dressing room."

Angel: The Series - Spike/Fred

The Ashcraft Series by sockmonkeyhere
Author's Summary: The resurrection of Fred, and because I have no skill at describing corporate law offices, a new location. Angel, Gunn, Spike, and Illyria find refuge from the Senior Partners in an unexpected place, amid unexpected allies.

Breathing for Two by OneTwoMany (Sabre)
Author's Summary: Learning to live.
Excerpt: The effect of her touch is instantaneous, five points of fire burning deep on his chest. Sweet pain, burning agony. It feels as if his skin is crawling back to allow her to reach straight to his broken heart. He can hear himself gasp, and he swears his chest lurches and beats. / "So silent," Fred whispers softly, eyes flitting from his gaze to where her hand rests on his chest. "And yet, I think your heart speaks louder than any I have ever heard."

Cold As It Gets by enigmaticblue
Author's Summary: Set in a very AU world after the BtVS S6 episode Grave and the Ats S4 episode, Orpheus. Spike never shows up in Sunnydale, Faith sticks around in L.A., since there's no First Evil to worry about in Sunnydale, and Angel and Connor manage to prevent Jasmine from rising. The AI gang is left fragmented until the Powers That Be decide to intervene

Touchfeel by Sarah
My notes: Mentions of Spuffy. Link no longer works, but I have a copy saved if you're interested.
Excerpt: What it boils down to is this: this moment, where he wraps his white fingers around Fred's smaller ones, where he feels warmth against his ghostly coolness and bone moving beneath flesh and muscle and skin, is the most real thing that he's felt in a month, maybe more.

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer - Spike/Buffy

The Canvas of His Back by Annie Sewell-Jennings
Author's Summary: In the afterglow, there is nothing but sweetness.

The Journeys Series by Mary
Author's Summary: Picking up shortly after the events of 'The Gift,' this is my version of Spike's journey.

Reasons by zero
Author's Summary: Buffy's having trouble finding reasons to live. Spike can name a few.

The Wacky Adventures of Spike and Buffybot by mr. monkeybottoms
Author's Summary: Remember that episode in season 4, with the frat house and the crazy sex and stuff? 'Where the Wild Things Are.' Well, things are a little different, seeing as how I am throwing the Buffybot into the mix.

Calvin and Hobbes
calvin and hobbes

Theories About Nuclear War by hollcomb
Author's Summary: When Calvin finally sorts out his feelings for Susie his timing is not great. (Teen Calvin/Susie)
Excerpt: When he gets back to his room, he launches himself onto Hobbes like old times, laughing and wishing he could still talk to him. He's not sure when Hobbes stopped talking back, but Calvin tells himself he should be glad that he did. / "You were right about everything," he tells Hobbes, who always liked Susie.

Community - Jeff/Annie

and in the streets you run afree. by cereal
Author's summary: Oh man, Community. This show is AMAZING. I started it shipping Jeff/Britta, but then Annie happened and now I love them both. I started a post Intro to Film fic like this, but, uh for Britta, but this one actually got done? So maybe that says something? Let's pretend I've figured out characterization.

Circles by 0penhearts
Summary: Jeff/Annie aswesomeness following Debate 1x09

Weird Friendship by crackers4jenn
Author's summary: So they banned him from the study group. Big deal.

Dark Angel - Alec/Max

And Still Hope verse (ASHverse) by alethialia
Author's Note: This started as a story about leadership and exhaustion, and it still has some of those elements, but it ended up something else entirely. Set after “Freak Nation.” Hope, at the end of the world.

Running Mates by musesfool
Author's Note: A fine, revved up sister like Max needs a little excitement sometimes.

Glee - Puck/Rachel

* Addicted to the Thrill by smc-27
Author's summary: Fictable prompt #18 - Speed. "This, if they can pull it off, is going to be the biggest and best prank in Ohio high school history." Puck/Rachel/Finn. Mostly friendship, hints at Puck/Rachel.

The air that inhabits you by Nova802
Author's Summary: Puck and Rachel slowly find that they have become necessary to each other. Set post Sectionals.

all of our moves make up for the silence by andbless_mybaby
Author's summary: He pushes her into an empty bedroom. And he’s ready to blast her for being such a stuck-up, obnoxious, loser bitch, but it’s like he’s got Idle Hands syndrome or something. Because he opens his mouth to call her something nasty and ends up kissing her instead.

and we will blow away by andbless_mybaby
Author's summary: Her name gets her, just like it does every time. If he’d used baby, she’d mark it up to one of his tried-and-true panty droppers. But there’s an earnestness when he says Rachel like that that she can’t resist. She can feel herself blushing from head to toe.

* Back To Good by smc-27
Author's summary: "I have generously decided to help you become a better person."

Behind Barred Windows by alien09
Author's Summary: Rachel and Puck in a holding cell. Puckleberry. Dedicated to Marylouue. Now a two-shot, maybe a three.

The benefits of honesty by radcgg
Author's Summary: On the bus ride from Sectionals Puck takes his anger out on Rachel and a weird friendship develops.

The Bleachers by teenage-dirtbag
Author's Summary: It began and ended at the bleachers, with a tumultuous not-affair in between that they had both grown to need. Puck/Rachel

Buenos Nachos, Mr. Shue by une-fille
Author's Summary: El Puckerone no habla español

Build Me Up, Break Me Down Part 1 and Part 2 by meggers_27
Author's Summary: Quinn decides on Wednesday that she's going to keep the baby. On Friday, she finds herself homeless. And by Friday afternoon, she's living with Rachel Berry.

Burning Down the House by Katertots
Author's Summary: Rachel Berry and Noah Puckerman have a fiery first encounter that leads to an unlikely friendship and maybe something more. Set in New York City, this future AU fic also features Rachel's friendship with Quinn and Kurt, and Puck's best friend, Finn.

Cinnamon Hearts & Slushies by Cakestar
Author's Summary: Puck thinks that he’s the luckiest guy in the world, because he knows a lot of super hot cheerleaders and stuff, but he only knows one girl who puts a gold star when she signs her name.

* The City by smc-27
Author's summary: Somewhere between coffee at Dean and Deluca and riding the Staten Island Ferry just for fun, he starts to think that it actually makes a lot of sense for the two of them to end up going rogue the week after graduation. Puck/Rachel future fic.

Conversations Between Two McKinley High Students by Glow
Author's Summary: ...who are not friends. At all. Or: Moments where Noah Puckerman is not a total *bleep* to Rachel Berry.

Crescendo by unequivocally
Author's summary: a gradual, steady increase in loudness or force.

Disney Laced Profanity by ophelia1234
Author's Summary: A viewing of Harry Potter leads to some important revelations for Rachel and some self hatred for Puck.

* Dominated Hand by smc-27
Author's Summary: He doesn't expect Rachel to be good at poker, and there's no way he's going to let her beat him. Turns out that when the stakes are high, Puck comes to play. "Whoever loses has to be the other's slave."

Easy Girl and the sequel It Goes Down Easy by une_fille
Author's Summary: The end, the beginning and the middle. Puck knows it's not normal but he stops caring about that pretty quickly

* The Education of Rachel Berry by ophelia1234
Author's Summary: Puck has decided that Rachel Berry needs some lessons. No, not THOSE kind of lessons. P/R with general hints of R/F

five times puck got rachel to break the law and one time they get caught by of_hearts
Summary: (see title)

For Each Ecstatic Instant by Peanutbutter1
Author's Summary: They had to make a decision. Would they keep her or give her away? Quinn, Noah, and Finn make a tough decision, but who will help them look past the consequences?

* Give In or Just Give Up by smc-27
Author's Summary:Puck shuffles to the front of the room with his sheet music, as though singing lead is the biggest inconvenience of his life. But then Rachel kind of licks her lips before she starts to sing, and he thinks that maybe it's not so bad.

* Gold Stars & the Unexpected by adinfinitum
Summary: Remember that awesome Google Superbowl ad? This is the Rachel Berry version. It's technically a fanvid I guess, but it's so adorably awesome and funny that it needs to be included here. Go watch - you won't regret it!

* Hard Hearts and Empty Shells by nicolasamaria
Author's Summary: Watching Puck and Rachel crumble at her hands gives her a rush that's better than taking Quinn's spot at the top of the pyramid. (Inspired by the twitfic and my new found hatred of Santana. I officially no longer kind of like her.) Santana; Puck/Rachel, Puck/Santana

* Help Somebody by smc-27
Author's summary: Fictable prompt #25 - Devotion. Four times Puck sticks up for Rachel and one time Rachel sticks up for Puck.

the high school confessions of two good-looking jews bycrackers4jenn
Author's Summary: "Look, I'm not suggesting we form some ill-fated friendship. Given our well-cemented status as both jock and outcast, respectively, it's factually a given that any attempt would be, well, cliché." Set before the episode 'Mash-Ups'.

* Hurts So Bad, Baby by smc-27
Author's summary: Fictable prompt #27 - Blood.

* I Don't Care What's Right or Wrong by smc-27
Author's summary: She's his friend's little sister. She's off limits. AU

I sing the body electric by Nova802
Author's Summary: He calls her Berry when he talks to her. Which is not often. She doesn't call him anything. Her voice is caught between "Noah" and "Puck" so she avoids situations where she might have to say his name. Set Post Mash-up

* I Wanna Take The Walls Down With You by katertots_78
Author's summary: Her heart shouldn't be pumping this quickly, she thinks, but it's the most fun she's had all evening. AU

* i'm a high school lover, you're my favorite flavor by of_hearts and une_fille
Author's summary: After all the shit they've been through, he realizes he probably wouldn't be the man he is today without her. Which is kinda fucked. Title stolen from the Air song, Playground Love. Puck/Santana, Puck/Rachel.

* If You Don't Love Me, Pretend Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, and Part 7 by smc-27
Author's summary: She knows it's wrong, that she can't have them both. But she does have them both and she won't (can't) give either of them up. Puck isn't really going to complain about their arrangement. Not yet. Puck/Rachel with Rachel/Finn. Future fic.

* Let Me Show You One Time by smc-27
Author's summary: Fictable prompt #14 - Sex

* Let's Hear It For The Boys by smc-27
Author's summary: An exploration of Rachel's crushes over the years. Rachel-centric. Includes Kurt/Rachel, Artie/Rachel, Puck/Rachel, OC/Rachel, Jesse/Rachel, and Puck/Rachel

The Life and Times of Sarah Puckerman, Aged 9 by une_fille/unequivocally
Author's Summary: Lima's resident bad boy moron as told through the eyes of his kid sister Mom's favorite

* Little Lies by smc-27
Author's summary: Puck needs a favour from a Jewish girl. Not that kind of favour. All he needs is someone to help him convince his mom he's dating a Jew. That's where Rachel comes in. AU

Lonely Hearts Club by WildIrishRose29
Summary: Puck helps Rachel get over Finn

may your days be gold by meggers_27
Author's Summary: a series of 4 interlocking drabbles about how puck and rachel's relationship changes.

North by alien09

One of Us by CountryGirl914
Author's Summary: How they become a family, from Puck's point of view. Also, kind of: The many moments in which Puck is a gleek and denies it, and a few where he admits it. Puck/Rachel, Will/Emma.

* only hymns upon your lips by meggers_27
Author's Summary: No, they're not friends. They're a bit more than that. Basically, it's just gratuitous lyrical smut.

* Our Arms Wide by graffy
Author's Summary: All the flowers he leaves on her doorstep end up in the trash. Reconciliation is a slow process.

* Perception (I am in You and You in Me) by becca_radcgg
Author's summary: So it starts the way things often do. With a beginning. Or an ending. Depending on how you look at things.

* Puckerone’s Laws of Motion: A Guide to Understanding Newton (with help from Rachel Berry) by becca_radcgg
Author's summary: see above

Riding in Cars With Boys alien09
Author's Summary: Rachel's pregnant and Puck wants her to realize that this musical number is a DUET, not a solo. Puckleberry.

Right Through The Very Heart Of It -- New York, New York by une_fille
Author's summary: Rachel & Puck meet in New York City to finish a story they started in Lima, Ohio

Roses in My Hand by unequivocally
Author's summary: Roll outta bed and down on your knees, and for a moment you can hardly breathe. There is an art to forgiveness, and they're still learning it--one moment, one mistake, and a torrent of consequences.

set myself on fire by dress without sleeves
Author's Summary: Puck rearranges a ktichen, wants to be a ninjapiratedragon with a flaming sword that shoots laserbeams, and gets his first kiss.

* Shoot Me Straight and True by lucklessdreamer
Author's Summary: Five times Rachel Berry walked away and one time she didn't.

Sin Tetas, No Hay Paraíso by dress without sleeves
Author's Summary: Puck and Rachel watch Telenovelas, try to kill each other with words, and then make out. Puck/Rachel, hints of Finn/Rachel. // He wonders when she became someone in his life that he actually cared about, and how the hell he can reverse the process.

6 times Puck realizes Rachel Berry has him wrapped around her little finger (and sorta doesn't mind) by of_hearts
Summary: (see title)

Sixty-four Colors and the sequel The Scientific Method by unequivocally
Author's summary: 64-Color boxes with a sharpener on the back; Puck gets in touch with his creative side

* Stay A Little Longer by smc-27
Author's summary: Fictable prompt #13 - Death.

* Sweet You Rock and Sweet You Roll by smc-27
Author's summary: Puck/Rachel summer fic: "It's my spotlight now," he reminds her. She opens her mouth to say something, but he cuts her off. "My band, my song choices. I'm lead. If you want in, you can deal with it."

* Take Anything You Want From Me by smc-27
Author's summary: She traces the scar on his chest with her fingertip and quietly asks where he got it. He tells her it's from a bar brawl. He can tell she doesn't believe him, but she doesn't ask him for the real truth, and he thinks he likes her more than he should. Future fic

Two Lost Souls Swimming in a Fish Bowl by heymamawolf
Author's Summary: Puck would never admit it aloud but under all that scary glee intensity, Rachel wasn’t as weird as he thought she was. As long as you steered clear of Broadway and brought a dictionary with you, she could actually be pretty chill. Post Mash-Up.

waging wars to shake the poet by andbless_mybaby
Author's summary: Quinn is knocked up, his best friend is stumbling around like a well-intentioned zombie, and he has no business doing any of this with an innocent bystander, the obnoxious and disturbingly attractive Glee-tard snot who keep angling to get blasted by (not so) friendly fire. Wrong doesn’t even cover it, actually – the accurate term is fucked.

* We're Both Looking For Something by smc-27
Author's summary: Puck and Rachel, a series of firsts. Sophomore year, junior year, senior year and beyond. 4-parter

* When I Said I Wanted to be Your Dog by heymamawolf
Author's summary: Six times Puck realizes Rachel Berry has him wrapped around her little finger. Title nicked from Jens Lekman. (Why am I so unoriginal?)

* will go wrong by dress without sleeves
Author's summary: Puck and Rachel babysit. Things are broken and babies disappear. Whoops. / They sat in silence for a moment and Rachel asked reflectively, "Is babysitting always like this for you?"

A Whole ’Nother Language by Uninspired Writer
Author's Summary: He’s not like a normal person. In fact, he speaks a whole ’nother language. PuckleBerry Three-Shot. Mostly AU.

* Win Some, Lose Some by of_hearts
Author's Summary: The summer after Puck's Junior year, told in three parts.

* World Famous Sugar Cookies by Cassprincess
Author's summary: We know Puck and crazyass Berry. But in 2003 they were just Noah and Berry-pants. Cookie addict and cookie dealer. Best friends. This is how it all changed. And this is maybe how it'll all come back together. Flashbacks mixed with Season 1. AU

* You Found Someone Else To Lay Beside by smc-27
Author's summary: Every time she looks at her daughter, there's a split second when she wonders if maybe it would have been better if she'd just told the truth. AU. Puck/Rachel, Finn/Quinn. With strong Puck/Quinn and Finn/Rachel throughout.

* You Just Leave It All Up To Me Part 1 and Part 2 by smc-27
Author's summary: Fictable prompt #2 - Kiss. Rachel and Noah make an interesting wager, and they're both too stubborn to give in.

* You're A Sweet Little Mystery by smc-27
Author's summary: Puck and Rachel. Friends with Benefits. Yeah, that'll work.

You're Too Beautiful to Ignore. by fuzzy_paint
Author's Summary: Kurt's makeover is entitling her to a whole new perspective of the student body in general.

Gossip Girl - Chuck/Blair

Classics for Dummies by Isabelle
Author's Summary: Since his father was hardly ever around, Cary Grant taught him how to stand and talk, Humphrey Bogart taught him how to smoke and be worldly, and Marlon Brando taught him how to smirk.

Fear is Just a Feeling and it's follow-up Dover Beach by inkingwhell
Author's Summary: She's fine really; nothing can touch her except the sun.
Excerpt: It should scare her she supposes, his need for her. Instead it fills her with a warmth of completion and purpose and she knows they can work through this.

the three times chuck bass didn't say i love you, and the one time he did by kissesblow
Author's Summary: By the time she reached the car, his heart was just shards, fractions of what used to be capable of loving her. She was his scissors, and his glue, too.

Iron Man - Tony/Pepper

A Small and 100% Innocent Token of Gratitude by Kate Andrews
Author's Summary: He acts like what he's doing is the most natural thing in the world.

Blame the Coffee, The Little Black Dress, and Sleeping Beauty Needs Her Louboutins by queen_haq
Summary: three interlocking pieces with Tony/Pepper flirting

The Day Pepper Potts Got Fired by kHo
Summary: Tony tries to woo Pepper

Feast by VR Trakowski
Author's Summary: "Pepper goes hunting."

Ghost in the Machine and In the Wires by dotfic
Author's Summary: "Tony Stark has a problem with the Iron Man suit, and receives help from a couple of specialists." (Supernatural/Iron Man crossover)
Excerpt: "Sir, I really must protest," the thing called Jarvis spoke up again. "I am unused to anyone but you being in it." / "I promise to be gentle with you, Jarvis," Dean called out. "Just close your eyes and pretend I'm him."

Grease-stained by nekare
Author's Summary: "This is what being Iron Man is."

the heave and the hue of the woman on fire by A.j.
Author's Summary: "Pepper always seems to be laughing when they do this."

Mind's eye by hitlikehammers
Author's Summary: He doesn't understand what possessed him to believe that this world was ever worth saving.

Nice Things by abigail_nicole
Author's Summary: He was never the type to lie across the bed, exhausted and panting, while his partner gets up and does normal businesslike things.
Excerpt: "MIT lecture," she says, ignoring him, not looking at him. Still smiling, damn her. "Yes or no?" / "I refuse to commit myself at this time," he says. "You're glowing, you know that? You look nice. Come look nice over here." / "You've also got a bunch of email from Rhodey--" / "Come do that thing where you look nice on top of me again."

People Who Know My Sins by atrata
Author's Summary: Dancing is not in her job description, but neither is mopping up blood at 4 in the morning. She does it anyway.

Proof by gabby_silang
Summary: Tony builds Pepper an assistant.
Excerpt: "It seemed like a good idea, I've got a lot of attention these days, not all from savory people, and they could very well come after you. I took precautions, sue me. But please don't actually, you could probably sue the living daylights out of me if you wanted. I am sort of sexually harassing you right now." He leans in and she can only do the same, feel him breathing right there.

Tony and Pepper Go to Target by A.j.
Summary: (points at title)
Excerpt: "Are you sure we don't own Target? CAN we own Target? This is the best."

wonderful electric by gabby_silang
Author's Summary: "What's it feel like when it's...doing that?" She asks. He bends his eyebrows around in a way that still makes her stomach clench a bit, and shrugs. / "Like fingers, I guess. Fingers running all over my skin."

Yes, Virginia, There Really Is An Iron Man by Quicksilvermad
Author's Summary: Pepper deals with Tony's newfound lease on life and ends up making a mountain out of her molehill of emotion where her boss is concerned.

The Office - Jim/Pam

Authority by jazzfan
Author's Summary: An account of Jim and Pam's evening after the New Boss day, so spoilers through New Boss.

Four Things That Never Happened to Jim and Pam by uhmidont
Author's Summary: Jim and Pam are meant to be.
Excerpt: And that's why he'd stopped calling Katy. She's fun, and he likes her, but she doesn't say things like, "You don't know where Crystal Nails is? Jim, how can you call yourself an American?" / That's what Pam says when he asks her how to get there.

Five Times Jim Wakes Up in the Morning by allibabab
Author's Summary: The sun is too bright when he opens his eyes.
Excerpt: He hopes he slides off the highway and into a tree on the way to work because he can't go in but he can't not go in, and if he's dead no one will blame him. You can't work when you're a cadaver.

The Nature of Trust by callisto
Author's Summary: Jim, Pam, and a series of bedroom conversations.

Pack Up Your Bags, It's Never Too Late! or, And That's How the Kids Got Married! by annakovsky and kyrafic
Summary: Jim and Pam go a sales conference in San Francisco.
Excerpt: They get Thai and Pam kicks off her shoes and sits Indian-style on the bed and leans into him when she laughs and he has to tell himself it's nothing, it doesn't mean anything. And it's fun anyway. He's just tired of things not meaning anything.

when the timing's not right by allibabab
Author's Summary: You've got Karen now but her voice is lower and her hair is darker and she is in no way and every way like Pam: sometimes it just hurts too much.

The Office - Ensemble
the office

The Life and Times of a Temporary Employee by kyrafic
Author's Summary: This is the story of a paper company in Pennsylvania, and the one man who brought change to them all.
Excerpt: "Simple," said Dwight. "Just covering my bases. Rumors are flying, and if this branch is to move under new management, then I want to be under him right from the start." He paused. "Plus his magic tricks are way better than Michael's."

Sleepover by dollsome
Author's Summary: Michael decides to have a sleepover at the office. Shenanigans ensue.
Excerpt: Another man I have kissed: Mose. He sometimes appreciates a peck on the temple before he goes to bed. It's not unusual. Just because certain issues prevent him from leaving the beet farm doesn't mean he doesn't crave the immediacy of human touch. Of course, there are other days when physical contact sends him into a violent frenzy. I've gotten good at telling which kinds of days are which. Had to. Otherwise, I'd probably be missing my right eye. If not my right eye, then my left eye.

Sixteen Candles - Jake/Sam

I've been saving this moment for a long time by dark_reaction
My notes: This is one of those fics that I came across by accident and didn't realize I wanted to exist until I read it.
Excerpt: He knows her body, every inch of it, like she's pieces of a puzzle he took the time to memorize before fitting together.

Twilight - Edward/Bella

Wide Awake by angstgoddess003
Author's Summary: Edward and Bella have dark pasts that leave them severely emotionally scarred, with nightmares that force them to stay awake. They meet and begin to form a bond during the night hours. AH, Highly OOC, Rated M for dark themes. No rape, no cutting.

Veronica Mars - Logan/Veronica

Broken Toys by theohara
Author's Summary: An answer to the A/U challenge, the "Lilly Doesn't Die" flavor. Porny, angsty, fluffy, and weird. (Logan/Lilly/Veronica)
Excerpt: He gasps against your lips and it sends a thrill down your spine, a shock of power. Logan Echolls... Logan Echolls, owned by Lilly, miles past innocence, is gasping for you.

Cha Cha Cha by shangri_la
Author's Summary: Why can't we be like normal college kids instead of the cynical bastards to which we aspire?
Excerpt: He blinked, staring down at her. "You're the girl I fuck, and you're also my best friend. Therefore...fuck buddy. Every guy should be so lucky."

For the Sake of a Friend by jacedesbff
Author's Summary: AU. After the prologue, the plan is to cover all of the episodes of Season 1 from this very AU perspective. Some may take multiple chapters; some may have multiple episodes covered in one chapter; it will depend on what each episode calls for.

Missed Kisses by jacedesbff
Author's Summary: five unrelated stories from different universes that tell the stories of five kisses that Logan and Veronica never had at parties in Neptune

Rich Dirt by theohara
Author's Summary: An A/U version of Shelley Pomeroy's party

Sins of the Father by Kimiko74
Author's Summary: As their freshman year at Hearst draws to a close, Logan and Veronica's relationship begins to unravel. But a new mystery could bring them together again.

Snapshot by crimsonclad
Summary: A look at Logan and Veronica in the future

Snark Never Goes Out of Style by boyfriendinacoma
Author's Summary: Every human action has one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, anger and desire.
Excerpt: It was five-thirty in the morning and a lucky streak had inspired Logan to gloat. / "...she comes and folds. And I could have danced all night." / She retrieved her phone out of her bag and looked at it pointedly: "The Village People just called." She smiled at him brightly. "They want their gay back."

Veronica Mars - Logan

What You Need by violaswamp
Author's Summary: After the events of S1 VMars, House finds himself in custody of his cousin Aaron Echolls' extremely disturbed child, Logan. (Veronica Mars/House crossover)
Excerpt: "Oh, Uncle Greg," said the kid with an affected sigh. "You're such a hard-ass. Your stern yet caring ways will inspire me to change my behavior and become a model all-American Eagle Scout." He got up and stomped off to his bedroom.

In Harm's Way by dark_roast
Author's Summary: (Dean-SPN and Logan-VM crossover)
Excerpt: Then in steps this kid. Skinnier than Sammy and nearly as tall. A self-conscious walk half liquid, half lanky like he doesn't know how to work his long arms and legs yet. Dean remembers that age, not fondly. Kid's got hair like he stuck a fork in a toaster and a "come punch me" smirk on his baby face, and Dean thinks somebody will likely oblige him.

X-Men - Gambit/Rogue

My dirty little secret? I used to read comics. Gasp! Shock! Yes, I know - I'm a dork. Ahem. But I provide this picture as my reason why. Just look at the pretty! I fell in love with that picture 14 years ago and I still have much love, lol. There's three categories for X-Men fic, believe it or not. Comicverse (based on the comics); Movieverse (based on the X movies); and Evo (based on the X-Men: Evolution cartoon).

The Ante by Lucia de'Medici
Author's Summary: When Remy LeBeau left Rogue on the shore of the Ripper's bayou hideout, he slipped a solitary playing card into the palm of her hand. It was a conciliatory gesture — an offer for friendship, an unspoken apology, and the beginning of a less-than-friendly game between rivals. A year has passed, the stakes have been raised, and Remy is not a person who enjoys entertaining the idea of folding before the bluff gets called. (Evo)

Betrayal by Valerie Jones
Author's Summary: When the Witness tries indirectly to save the X-Men, he sets in chain a series of events that lead to the truth being revealed, but also to tragedy. (comicverse)

Blame it on the Fedora by xenokattz
Author's Notes: So, the new Wolverine: Origins trailer is out and there is a very nattily-clad Gambit on there wearing a fedora at around 1:30 minutes. This resulted in the following conversation most of which is in flaily capslock of flail. And of course, someone called for pr0n. (movieverse)

Blind Sight by Valerie Jones
Author's Summary: This is the sequel to "Thick As Thieves". As Operation: Zero Tolerance turns into a full-fledged mutant hunt, Remy must use all of his resources to keep the X-Men safe while they search for a way to bring Bastion down. (comicverse)

Broken by MortonGirl
Author's Summary: The biggest obstacle between Rogue and Gambit has little to do with touch. (Evo)

Eight Hours by Eileen Blazer
Author's Summary: [One Shot] Rogue is kidnapped and thrown together with a familiar face... Remy LeBeau. How will they occupy their time until either a rescue or the kidnapper comes? RogueRemy. (Evo)

The Enigma of Remy LeBeau by Rogue14
Author's Summary: The Ragin Cajun hasn't been so ragin' lately. He looks pale, is irritated and sleepy most of the time and is unwilling to share the problem, even with Rogue. What is wrong with him? Oneshot. (Evo)

Tease by ishandahalf
Author's Summary: ROMY, oneshot. Jean and Rogue overhear their guys making a bet, so sabotage ensues! 'This'll just blow up in your face. Haven't ya seen those crappy teen romance flicks? They always find out 'bout the bet and things go down the drain.' (Evo)

The Young Riders - Kid/Lou

Reaching for the Moon by Sid
Author's Summary: AU. A young reporter arrives in Rock Creek to learn more of the Pony Express world. His journey with the riders will result in a struggle between old love and new...and the powerful lesson of how our hearts can change when we least expect it.
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